half a century. makes a girl think.

There's a scene in Billy Wilder's Some Like it Hot when they're on the train to Florida and talking in the bathroom. Sugar (Marilyn Monroe) tells Josephine (Tony Curtis) that she's turning 25 in June. "That's a quarter of a century," she says. "Makes a girl think." In April 2018, I will turn 50. That's half a century.... Continue Reading →

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50 questions: jim luerssen

NAME | James Alan Luerssen Jr AGE | 44 HOMETOWN | Westfield NJ HOW DO WE KNOW EACH OTHER? | we worked together at Defenders   FAVORITE COLOR | green   FAVORITE ANIMAL | blue whale, dog https://youtu.be/bgiPTUy2RqI FAVORITE FOOD/DRINK/EXECUTION MEAL | sushi and ice cream   FAVORITE BAND/MUSICIAN/SONG | Tom Petty https://youtu.be/h0JvF9vpqx8   FAVORITE... Continue Reading →

50 questions: deb houghtaling

NAME | Debra Jean Houghtaling AGE | 49 HOMETOWN | Greenfield Iowa   HOW DO WE KNOW EACH OTHER? | we were both in the Detroit Revitalization Fellowship, Cohort III, 2015 - 2017 FAVORITE COLOR | blue or green   FAVORITE ANIMAL | platypus FAVORITE FOOD/DRINK/EXECUTION MEAL | pork tenderloin sandwich, it’s an Iowa thing... Continue Reading →

50 questions | robin runyan

  NAME | Robin Elizabeth Runyan AGE | 39 HOMETOWN | Cadillac Michigan HOW DO WE KNOW EACH OTHER? | y’all invited me to 8 Mile when I started working at Curbed, I never ended up doing the story but we became friends   FAVORITE COLOR | light bright green, peridot   FAVORITE ANIMAL |... Continue Reading →

50 questions | louisa moore

  NAME   | Louisa Moslyn Moore AGE | 44 HOMETOWN | Warsaw NC HOW DO WE KNOW EACH OTHER? | we worked together at Defenders, early aughts FAVORITE COLOR | black FAVORITE ANIMAL | platypus  FAVORITE FOOD/DRINK/EXECUTION MEAL | cheese pizza, green beans and iced tea FAVORITE BAND/MUSICIAN/SONG | Weezer / Paul McCartney / Up... Continue Reading →

50 works of art | Vermeer’s scientists

  "Vermeer's paintings demonstrate a willingness to be interested in the greater world, both terrestrial and celestial, and an awareness of the knowledge of both spheres needed for navigation—a world beyond Delft."       Louvre show at MIA has Hitler's favorite painting Vermeer's masterpiece, was stolen by the Nazis for the Führer. This is... Continue Reading →

50 books | master list

GOAL = read 50 books (at least) in 2018 I'm keeping track of my books on GoodReads.com, and keeping all the books I read this year on a shelf, year50. If I have something deep and real to say about a book, I'll write a review but I won't force it. Freedom of Speech: Mightier... Continue Reading →

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